YiWu, Mengla, Yunnan, China

This shu pu'er is made from the tea leaves harvested from old trees grown high in the mountains of the Yiwu area. High-quality raw material gives this sheng pu'er an amazing unique character and great ageing potential. Sweet and complex tea with a gentle and noble character. MORE

When properly stored, this tea gets better with time!

357 g

Woody, caramel
Woody, nutty

HARVEST: Spring, 2012


Yiwu mountains are one of the most famous ancient tea forests, located in Mengla, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China. Since the old times, Yiwu has been considered one of the famous "Six pu'er tea mountains," and has the "Imperial tea" status. The teas from these places are famous for their sweet, deep, and complex flavours. Yiwu tea has a very unique character loved by many pu'er tea enthusiasts. The total area of the ancient tea forest is about 980 ha. The oldest and largest trees are about 10.5 m in height and about 700 years old. The ecological environment is balanced, the energy of tea is pure, and the tea gardens are surrounded by dense forests. The climate is humid and hot. Natural conditions like light, temperature, water resources, acidity, and richness of soil are ideal for growing tea. Everything contributes to the growth of tea, the early appearance of buds full of strength and energy. Local tea leaves are densely covered with fluff. According to studies, polyphenols, tea catechins, and other useful substances are found in local tea much more than in other similar tea regions. The annual production of tea made from ancient tea trees is about 100 tons.

Tulin tea factory is located in Nan Jian County, Yunnan province, China. Since 1983, they have produced high-quality pu'er tea using special raw materials harvested in Dali prefecture. The tea material from these places grows high in the mountains, sometimes the altitude reaches about 2500 meters above sea level, which results in a reputation of special quality and properties. Like Xiaguan, the Nan Jian factory uses similar technologies and treatment during the production of their special Tuo Tea. This tea is famous for its balanced aroma and sweet taste.

This Shu (Ripe) Pu'Er is made from high-quality early spring harvest from old trees. On the surface of the front side of the cake, you can see a large number of buds, but most of the raw material consists of a large leaf, which becomes more noticeable on the back side and even more inside the cake. The degree of pressing is light, the tea can be easily disassembled by hand, bringing wonderful tactile sensations when in contact with the tea leaf.

The dry tea leaves have woody, nutty notes with a slight Hong Kong storage aroma that reflects in a sweet, moist note. When heated, the aroma intensifies with sweet nutty notes. Somewhere in the distance, there are cocoa and coffee beans. Rinsed tea opens into a clean woody aroma, sweet and soft, with notes of caramel.

The taste is clean, sweet, and soft with woody, nutty notes, and a sweet long-lasting aftertaste. The woody universe of this tea shimmers with all possible tones and nuances of aromatic wood, delighting with the gradual revelation of this multifaceted taste. The tea has a soft and creamy texture. The tea has a calm 'Cha Qi' and is perfectly calming at any time of the day! Excellent tea, ready to please Pu'Er tea lovers of absolutely any level!
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