Hei Cha or Dark tea is also known as ‘fermented tea’. This tea is one of the oldest types of tea in China. While the world outside of China has recently become more familiar with fermented tea, dark tea is the third most produced tea in China after green tea and wulong.

Hei Cha is made in different provinces, using different methods and each one is quite different and has a unique taste. The most well-known dark teas are Huunan Hei Cha, Hubei Hei Cha, Liu An Hei Cha, Sichuan Nanlu, and Guangxi Liubao

Most common production process: harvesting - killing-green – rolling - wet-pilling – drying.

This type of tea has an intense, complex, deep taste with herbal and woody notes.

This drink has an excellent healing effect, as it contains theaflavins - substances that can resist tumours, and prevent the formation of blood clots and coagulation. Hei Cha improves immunity, inhibits the spread of cancer cells, prevents cardiovascular diseases, and much more. It is believed that this kind of tea prolongs life.

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