Wulong (Oolong; ‘Black Dragon’) is a semi-oxidized tea with 10-80% of oxidation. Due to a special cultivar and a complex production process of controlled oxidation, this type of tea has a bright aroma and a rich deep taste. True Highest Mastery Tea, is usually grown at high altitudes and processed by skilled tea masters to perfection. This type of tea requires special teaware and skills to brew it properly, to appreciate its aroma, taste, and "melody".

Most common production process: harvesting – withering - making-green - killing-green – rolling - drying.

This type of tea has a deep taste with floral and honey notes.

According to Chinese traditional medicine, Wulong reduces heat, revitalises the body, and has a harmonising effect. Wulong strengthens the immune system, regulates blood sugar levels, promotes proper digestion, lowers cholesterol levels, prevents the development of cancer cells, lowers stress, and improves mental health.

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