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AN SHIM TEA is a modern tea project focused on a traditions and innovations of high tea culture. We make tea industry closer to customers, educate and entertain to make high quality tea more popular and understandable. We organize tea events focused on a tea education and popularization.

We source tea straight from producers to guarantee authenticity and freshness as well as organic and highest quality aspects. The teas in our collection are professionally selected and quality assessed based on the academic knowledge gained from scientists and industry leaders in the study of tea. From classic to modern phenomenon as well as our own blends and unique teas, which were born as a result of our long-time friendship with tea master from all over the world! Welcome to AN SHIM TEA Collection to explore one of the most exquisite teas on planet Earth.

We hold our author’s events like: Tea and Cinema Evenings, Tea Therapy, Tea Gastronomy, Lao Tea Club as well as Tea Tours to a different tea producing countries, to help people understand tea more properly. We have our own educational program called “The Art of Tea”, a tea school, which help people start their own tea way from very first steps to become a professional tea tasters and tea masters. And finally we organize masterclasses and lectures in different countries to educate people in traditional and new style approach of tea.


"I'm lucky to have an unbelievable tea way where I met a lot of wonderful tea people from all over the world. During my long career in tea industry as a tea master, tea taster and owner of a tea brand, I made a lot of valuable connections and relationships with tea producers and tea experts from tea producing countries. Getting deeper into this endless world, I believe this way of life makes me a better person every single day. All I want is to share with you everything I see and feel, all the knowledge of mine and my dear colleagues, as well as bring you closer to, what eastern friends call, sense of beauty."

My name is Andrei 'An Shim' Ivanov and I'm

· tea blender
· tea taster

· a member of the International Tea School Chaism.Pro

· a three-time participant of a Tea Masters Cup International

· TMC 2016 International "Best Visual Appearance" in Seoul, South Korea

· TMC 2017 International "Gold medalist" in Enshi, China

· TMC 2017 International 2x "Silver medalist" in Enshi, China

· a certified international judge of the Tea Masters Cup since 2018

· an official representative of Vietnamese tea culture in Europe

· main tea taster and co-owner at IZPODNEBESNOJ

· tea taster and and co-creator of AN TRA

· a consultant of Minh Lam company.

My main occupation is a tea education and promoting high tea culture principles. My passion is to travel to tea places, discover new teas and explore tea culture. I welcome every one of you to join me in this great journey.

All the fresh tea in our collection are 100% ORGANIC and comes strictly from tea producers. Production of tea is almost the meaning of their life, a lifework they have dedicated themselves to. These people cultivate, harvest and produce tea with devotion using old family recipes for generations. The mastery, developed over hundreds of years reflects in the appearance, aroma, taste, color of infusion, as well as the wonderful state this drink gives.

In AN SHIM TEA Collection, you will find authentic classical Chinese teas with hundreds years of history, as well as aged, collection, competition and others unique teas you won't find anywhere else. In addition to China, you will find highest quality teas from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Georgia and Russia.

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Roman Agafonov / Photographer
Roman Agafonov / Photographer
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Alexandra Glavatskaya / Photographer


Ritvars Bluka / Videographer

Ritvars Bluka / Videographer

Aleksandra Volk / Videographer

Aleksandra Volk / Videographer


Katrina Maslova / Editor
Katrina Maslova / Editor