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Tea Gastronomy is a special author's project by AN SHIM TEA.

Welcome to a gastronomic event dedicated to the author's combinations of tea and snacks brought back from travels by the founder of the AN SHIM TEA project. Tea Gastronomy is a relatively young, but very promising direction in the industry, aimed at popularizing premium class tea in the restaurant industry.

AN SHIM TEA is a tea project focused on tea education and high tea culture. In AN SHIM TEA Collection, you will find authentic classical Chinese teas with hundreds years of history, as well as aged, collection, competition and others unique teas you won't find anywhere else. In addition to China, you will find highest quality teas from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Africa, Georgia and Russia. All the fresh tea in our collection are 100% ORGANIC and comes strictly from tea producers. Production of tea is almost the meaning of their life, a lifework they have dedicated themselves to. These people cultivate, harvest and produce tea with devotion using old family recipes for generations.

The purpose of this event is to acquaint participants with the concept of tea of the highest mastery and make a gastronomic journey to different tea-producing countries. A modern, Western approach of brewing and serving tea is harmoniously intertwined with the traditions and philosophy of the countries of the East. Each tea composition is a unique combination that takes the guests of the event to the places of tea culture and helps to take a different look at taste and aroma.

We provide this service as a custom event in our space in a center of Riga, Latvia.