Authentic Sheng (Raw) Pu’Er is made from large varieties of Camellia Sinensis grown in the Yunnan province for hundreds and even thousands of years. Thanks to a much deeper root system this tea has a whole complex of amino acids, vitamins, and microelements, which help to maintain the balance of metabolism in the human body. The chemical composition of the tea leaves of broad-leaf trees grown in Yunnan Province provides a unique aroma and taste of tea. Pu’Er begins its life as green tea, but enzymes remain even after processing. In the process of ageing, these enzymes turn Sheng Pu’Er into a dark tea. Tea leaves, which retain a certain amount of moisture, undergo fermentation, which occurs due to the action of various microorganisms. The unique healing properties of Pu’Er tea are associated with the activity of these microorganisms.

That is why this type of tea is professionally stored for years and even decades in a special environment to develop the taste. The taste of aged sheng pu'er is deep and multifaceted. The quality of such tea depends on three factors: the quality of the raw materials, the quality of tea processing, and the quality of the storage conditions.

There are two major ways of ageing the tea – natural storage and wet storage.
Natural storage requires special temperature, moisture, and oxygen conditions.
Wet storage, mostly practised in Hong Kong, is artificial ageing in very humid conditions and provides faster changes.

Most common production process: harvesting - killing-green – rolling – drying.
This type of tea has a very deep, multifaceted taste with notes of dried fruits and wood.

Scientific studies proved that tea leaves from Pu’Er trees contain more polyphenolic organic compounds, which are the most powerful antioxidants than tea leaves from other regions. Sheng pu’er strengthens the cardiovascular system, vitalizes the nervous system, supports brain activity, reduces blood pressure, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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Mao Cha translates as a "rough tea" and means that this tea is unfinished and is in an intermediate stage of production. This term is used for a tea material which is ready to be steamed and pressed in case of Sheng Pu'Er production. This type of tea is used for blending and further storage before being pressed into 'cakes'.