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Wuyishan, Fujian, China.

Exquisite tea with extraordinary fragrance and taste. Special blend of two local cultivars 'Ai Jiao Wu Long' and 'Shui Xian', traditionally processed till perfection. This highest mastery tea plunges into amazing states, turning tea drinking into something really delicious and interesting.

When properly stored, this tea gets better with time!

Woody, berry, bakery
Wood, tobacco, nuts

CULTIVAR: Ai Jiao Wu Long, Shui Xian
HARVEST: Spring, 2022


Wuyishan is an ideal place to grow tea. The volcanic limestone soil in the mountains of WuYi contains the perfect combination of minerals and deposits necessary for growing tea bushes, as well as the indispensable sun and rain. But one thing is scientific information about the soil and the environment, another is the almost tangible power of the spirit of the Wuyishan mountains.
WuYi has been a place of religious concentration for over a thousand years. For Taoists, Buddhists, and Confucians, WuYi continues to be the most important place to stay. The excellent and incomparable soil, climate, and energy of the WuYi mountains are reflected in the taste and aroma of rock tea. "The magnificence of the WuYi mountains - cliffs, flowers, a crystal-clear river, the earth, the sky, and the divine spirit - so naturally and neatly unfolds in a cup of good oolong rock tea."

This tea is one of a kind - a true ceremonial tea, that requires special attitude and teaware to appreciate all the nuances. I hope you have a Yixing teapot, or at least a gaiwan, to make everything properly. I recommend following all Gongfu Cha steps to appreciate all the nuances. It's worth using good quality water and boiling it over the fire. Grown in rocky terrain with unique soil and climate, these tea leaves can give a very special taste. This tea is a special mastery blend made from two local cultivars Ai Jiao Wu Long and Shui Xian, traditionally processed to perfection. A rare example of exquisite traditional rock tea.

This amazing tea has a very intense, complex flavour. The dry tea leaves have a bright woody, nutty, and chocolate-like aroma. After warming the tea leaves, the aroma develops into berry and bakery notes. The taste is sweet and deep with tobacco, nutty, and milky tones. Long-lasting coffee aftertaste. The aroma cup has a sweet fragrance with notes of honey, cream, and champagne. A very calming and relaxing tea.
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