Satemwa, Thyolo, Malawi, Africa

Handmade semi-oxidized oolong tea from Satemwa Tea Estate, in Malawi. Beautiful tea with unique flavour and character. Delicate and rich, sweet and smooth guarantee a great tea experience and widen your palette. MORE

Fruity, Honey
Floral, honey

CULTIVAR: Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica
HARVEST: Spring, 2023


Satemwa is a family-owned estate, located in Malawi country in the southern part of Africa. This place is the motherland of the first commercially grown tea in Africa since 1878. This exact tea comes from a family, who has produced tea since 1923. Passed through generations, expired by eastern tea cultures, adapted to local conditions, and refined to perfection, this tea farm can offer a wide variety of different styles of high-quality teas. Tea plantations used for the production of this unique artisan line up are more than 50 years old. All these plantations are 100% organic and all the teas are handmade.

Harvested and processed entirely by hand, the tea leaf has retained its integrity and an excellent visual appearance. The raw material consists of young leaves, which guarantee a deep and rich flavour. Each tea from Satemwa Tea Estate is unique and deserves special attention. This wulong is beautiful in its simplicity and uniqueness as well as its delicate and rich taste. While most of the wulong tea is made using Camellia Sinensis var. Sinensis varietal, this one is made from var. Assamica is what makes this tea quite rare and with its character.

Dry tea leaves have a sweet, honey, fruity aroma and are qualitatively different from the Chinese wulongs. Warmed tea leaves open into dried tropical fruits with a little hint of seafood. After rinsing, the aroma intensifies and becomes deeper, going into perfume and bakery motifs. Light floral, creamy notes. With further opening, Jasmine appears.

The taste is soft, sweet, and rich, with floral, honey, milky notes, and light vegetation in the aftertaste. Perfectly balanced, has deep taste, rich in texture, and gives a state of peace and balance. The infusion is the color of a young whiskey, clean and thick. Tea is beautiful in Western and Eastern brewing methods, each time revealing itself in a new way! With longer brews, the infusion becomes thicker and has a slightly astringent woody, tannic, and even slightly spruce note.
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