Fuding, Fujian, China

Also known as 'Fuding Silver Needle', is a classic This special tea is made by an experienced 80+ years old tea master from young spring buds harvested from old bush grown wild in an ecologically clean environment. MORE

Floral, vanilla
Milky, honey


"Tea and Zen have the same taste."

Buddhist saying


Fuding is a small town in the northeast of Fujian province, China. This place is considered the birthplace of white tea. The Nanguang Tea Garden is located west of Taimu Mountain, about 40 km south of the city of Fuding. An elevation is 600-900 meters. High altitude, unique climate, and chemistry of soil make the perfect conditions for growing the highest quality tea.

The real Bai Hao Yin Zhen refers to the highest grade of white tea made from a special local cultivar Fuding Da Bai (Big White). The leaves are harvested between March 15 and April 10, on days when the weather is clear. Pure buds are picked (gently pinched off) only when they are fully swollen and ready to open. A beautiful, very clearly defined shape of a swollen bud, completely covered with a silvery pile, for which the tea is called 'Silver Needle with White Pile'. The buds of Fuding Da Bai are covered with a white pile with a density almost three times higher than other varieties or cultivars of tea. This is what makes Fuding white tea unique, creating a special aromatic melody. Studies have shown that the content of amino acids, as well as aspartic and glutamic acids in tea bud hairs is significantly higher than in the leaf itself. In China, this form is considered one of the tea jewels. Tea lovers describe Bai Hao Yin Zheng as "white as a cloud, green as a dream, pure as snow, fragrant as an orchid."

Beautiful, fluffy buds harvested from old, wild bushes growing in the vicinity of Fuding County. This special tea is made by an experienced 80+ years old tea master from young spring buds harvested from old bushes growing wild in an ecologically clean environment. Limited production and highest quality make this tea a very unique example of Fuding white tea.

Dry tea leaves have a light floral aroma. The heated tea leaves continue with a bright, sweet floral-honey aroma. The rinsed tea leaf reveals creamy, vanilla, and bakery notes. Very delicate, subtle aroma, with notes of custard and puff pastry.

The taste of tea is sweet, soft, and subtle, with floral, milky, and honey notes. The tea leaves a refreshing, sweet, long aftertaste. As it is brewed multiple times, it reveals various floral and creamy motifs. The tea produces a beautiful, clean, white infusion. With longer infusion, it reveals light fruity motifs. This is a special white tea, for a special occasion when you want something sophisticated and refined.
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