Shizuoka, Tuba, Honshu, Japan

A unique tea that can be found only in Japan. For its production usually Bancha, Kukicha, and Sencha varieties. Tea leaves are roasted until the aroma and taste become sweet and baked. The full-bodied, intense roasted taste makes this tea one of a kind. MORE

Coffee beans, brown rice, bread

CULTIVAR: Yabukita


Very special tea with 100 years of history. Made from Bancha (mature leaves) and roasted under high temperatures, this tea is very different compared to other green tea in Japan. Tea leaves are deep-fried and then quickly cooled. As in the case of Kukicha, because the raw material consists of leaves and a large number of stems, this tea is almost free of caffeine. Due to a specific process, this tea has a unique flavour and deserves special attention.

Shizuoka City is the largest commercial tea center in Japan. This tea is one of the main representatives of Japanese green tea and takes about 80% of all of Japan’s tea production. Green tea in Japan is harvested up to five times a year, from spring to autumn. The best and most fragrant is the first spring harvest - Shincha ("New tea"). Due to special cultivars, climate, and production methods, this tea is one of a kind. The originality of the production lies in the fact that after plucking tea leaves are being steamed. Steaming is a fixation method used to stop the oxidation of the tea leaf. Sencha has an exquisite tart taste with a slight bitterness and distinct fresh herbal and nutty notes. The drink leaves in the mouth a long and pleasant "silky" aftertaste with an unusual sea tint. It contains less caffeine and tannins than Chinese green teas. In addition, this drink is rich in iodine, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, and other useful microelements.

Dry tea leaves have a strong sweet aroma with notes of brown rice, black bread, and roasted nuts. After the first infusion aroma develops into baked fruits, roasted sunflower seeds, bread, shiitake mushrooms, and fried tofu. The taste is sweet and gentle with notes of coffee, seaweed, roasted nuts, and smoked fish. The colour of the infusion has a deep whiskey tone. The empty cup will delight you with a wonderful caramel aroma.

This interesting tea with a multifaceted taste will be a great accompaniment to smoked or fried fish and meat, black bread-based sandwiches, and seafood. Great choice for coffee-based desserts. Goes well with whiskey, and helps to open up woody notes. Dry tea has a very delicate and sweet aroma with notes of rice crackers, nuts, and waffles.
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