Kenya, Africa

Rare and unusual tea made from a semi-wild 'purple' variety of Camellia Sinensis. Sweet and refreshing tea with a lot of beneficial properties to the human body. MORE

Fruity, floral

HARVEST: Spring, 2023


Purple tea is now made almost exclusively in Kenya. But its startling colour isn’t even the best thing about it: It is naturally occurring anthocyanin which may also be useful for cardiovascular health, blood sugar metabolism, and cholesterol levels, as well as containing natural antioxidants. Anthocyanin is what gives the tea its distinct purple colour which is found in red wine. Purple tea has a naturally sweet flavour and light vegetal notes with a refreshing finish.

A beautiful handcrafted tea made from medium-sized tea leaves neatly rolled into a spiral shape. The tea is made from the wild tea tree, which is very rare in Sri Lanka and is a unique plant with many beneficial properties and an unusual aroma and taste.

Dry tea leaves have a light, sweet aroma with berry motifs. The aroma has some dried herbs and nutty notes. The warmed tea leaf continues with more berry, floral, fruity notes. The rinsed tea leaf reveals fruity, dried fruit motifs. There is wild berry jam, honey, rose hips, and herbal tea. Tea causes associations between a bathhouse and a country house. With further brewing, the aroma reveals sugar, strawberry, and vanilla motifs.

The tea gives a pink color infusion, which is very unusual and not typical for the Camellia Sinensis plant. The taste of the tea is light, and sweet, with a slight sourness. Here berry and dried fruit notes are perfectly transformed into a long, fresh, sweet aftertaste. Deep and delicate, without astringency or bitterness, this tea is beautiful and unusual, which makes it very interesting and highly recommended for acquaintance. The tea is wonderfully warming, like any other red/black tea, but also relaxing and gives an interesting, unusual tea experience.