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Lincang, Yunnan, China

This tea is made from early spring young buds from wild old pu'er trees. Due to a special variety of Camellia Sinensis, grown wild high in the mountains of Yunnan province, this tea is very unique compared to other white teas mostly made from young plantations. Traditionally harvested and sun-dried, this tea is very gentle, sweet, and refreshing with a silky texture. During the tea ceremony, this tea surprisingly changes and brings new notes and associations with every new infusion.

When properly stored, this tea gets better with time!

Meadow flowers, lemongrass and creme.
Dried fruits, honey and pastry.

VARIETAL: Camellia sinensis var. Dehungensis / Shan Cha
HARVEST: Spring, 2021


Most white teas on the market are made from plantation bushes, but this tea is harvested from wild old tea trees high in the mountains of the Lincang area, Yunnan province. Due to a special variety of Camellia Sinensis var. Dehungensis, which grows only in this area, this tea is completely different, compared to white teas made from other cultivars. Visual appearance, aroma, and taste are unique. As you already might know, the highest quality white teas are made in early spring and fully handmade. Pure buds are considered the highest grade and always most expensive, due to harvesting and production difficulties.


First of all, check out the visual appearance of these beautiful buds, plucked right before or straight after their opening. 100% covered with "bai hao" (white hair), it is a separate pleasure to admire them like we admire flowers. The colour is white-cream-yellow with a little hint of light green. This white tea looks crazy beautiful in every dish, especially pottery of darker colours.

From the first contact you will notice a very strong sweet aroma with notes of meadow flowers, honey and exotic fruits. If you put them into warm teaware, after some time you will notice the evolution of aroma, tea will start to smell even more and some new notes will come up. After rinsing aroma changes and some dried fruits and vanilla notes will come up. One of the main advantages of this tea - you don't have to be a skilled tea person to brew it properly. As you know, most white teas are brewed by cooled hot water (~75 °C), otherwise they will provide an astringent, not delicate taste. But these buds feel very comfortable in hot water, and it affects only the intensity of the infusion. It's very interesting to try different temperatures of water, to learn how it will affect the result.

As you see, the colour of the infusion is very clear, bright, with creme-yellow tones. If you will use a glass teaware you will notice a lot of hair in your infusion. By the way, this is a sign of high-quality tea. The taste is very gentle, sweet and refreshing with a silky texture. During the tea ceremony this tea surprisingly changes and brings new notes and associations to every new infusion. There are some honey, dried fruits and pastry notes. During the tea ceremony, the aroma of the tea buds also changes and brings some lemongrass and cream notes.

This tea has a very gentle and calm energy, which makes you feel relaxed and calm. Due to a lot of beneficial properties, you will feel rested and charged with new energy.
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