Breakfast tea skillfully blended by Sharyn Johnston from Australian Tea Masters. Pure Camellia Sinensis spring leaves from different parts of Nepal. Very delicate, authentic taste and aroma with honey and floral notes make this tea too exquisite for a world of blended tea. MORE

Tobacco, chocolate
Creamy, bakery

AUTHOR: Sharyn Johnston
HARVEST: Spring, 2022


Nepal is the highest mountainous country in the world, where wonderful Nepalese tea grows at an altitude of 600-2500+ m above sea level. Before the start of commercial tea production in the 1980s, tea in Nepal was produced on a small scale, mainly for the domestic consumption of the nobility. Tea culture was brought from the neighboring Indian state of Darjeeling, so the vast majority of tea bushes in Nepal are Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica and its hybrids.

This amazing Breakfast tea is a blend made by Sharyn Johnston from Australian Tea Masters. Australian Tea Masters is an organisation focused on tea education and tea production. Tea blending trainings, sommelier trainings, and masterclasses about tea culture and the tea industry make ATM one of the leading organisations and, for sure, a unique source of high-quality knowledge about tea. The other side is a private label, which offers rare single-origin teas, blended teas, and wellness blends.

This is a blend of delicate black teas from some of the highest elevations in the world and the purest of air. Pure Camellia Sinensis spring leaves, gently processed with love and passion. Notes of honey and dried fruit and an aroma of sweet muscatel deliver the perfect cup. Very delicate, but at the same time complex flavour makes this tea one of a kind.

This tea is a great example of classic Western black tea consumed for breakfast. Complex and intensive, this tea is a great accompaniment for food and desserts. Despite this, I find this tea quite interesting for brewing by the 'Pin Cha' method to appreciate its multilayered taste and character. I recommend you try both ways to find yours!
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