Bulangshan, Menghai, Yunnan, China

High-quality Shu (Ripe) Pu'Er made by Tulin Tea Factory from aged (2013) spring raw material harvested in Bulang Shan area. 75+ years old tea trees. Noble product with clean, sweet, rich taste, and deep woody, nutty notes!

When properly stored, this tea gets better with time!

Wood, foliage and forest after rain
Woody, nutty

MATERIAL: 75+ years old trees
HARVEST: 2013 / PRESSED: 2019


Bulang mountains are located in Menghai country, Xishuangbanna prefecture, Yunnan province, China. Mountain ranges intersect with valleys, the altitude is 535 to 2082 meters above sea level. The forest covers up to 67% of the territory. The old trees of the Bulang Shan occupy 9505 mu (665 ha). The 'Bulang' minority, formed from the ancient 'Pu' tribe, were the first to grow tea in Yunnan. They moved to the local mountains thousands of years ago. Tea from this area is famous for its intense, astringent and sweet taste with clear 'Huigan' and powerful 'Cha Qi'.

Tulin tea factory is located in Nan Jian county, Yunnan province, China. Since 1983, they produce high-quality pu'er tea using special raw materials harvested in Dali prefecture. The tea material from these places grows high in the mountains, sometimes the altitude reaches about 1950 meters above sea level, which results in a reputation of special quality and properties. Like Xiaguan, Nan Jian factory uses similar technologies and treatment during the production of their special tea.

This tea is made from aged (2013) spring raw material harvested in Bulang Shan area and pressed into 360 g cakes in 2019. 75+ years old tea trees. Made according to the classic, traditional principle of medium fermentation, and consisted from the raw material of old trees, this kind of tea is very rare nowadays, and we are very pleased to present you this truly unique and rare product, reminiscent of that long-forgotten taste of the 90's.

A beautiful glossy tea leaves, raw material of the highest quality, consisting of a combination of “bud and two leaves”. The degree of pressing is strong, but quite easily disassembled into separate layers. The aroma of dry leaves is fresh, sweet and woody. The degree of fermentation is medium! Warmed tea leaves have dry wood fragrance! After rinsing aroma is clean, with notes of wood, foliage and forest after rain. The infusion is thick, rich and deep. Dark brown in color, with prolonged infusion even turns into an almost black balm.

The taste is clean, sweet and rich, with deep woody, nutty notes! Sweet aftertaste and slight dryness of walnut on the tip of the tongue. With each subsequent pour, the infusion acquires a more rounded and softer taste. Multifaceted and deep, this tea is sensitive to infusion time and reveals itself differently during the brewing process, thereby introducing the effect of creative involvement and unpredictability, in the good sense of the word. It opens up compositionally, increasingly immersing itself in a deep woody camphor taste. Thanks to raw materials from old trees, the taste is deep and soft with a silky, creamy texture. Tea with calm relaxing 'Cha Qi', while the traditional, medium degree of fermentation makes it quite obvious and manifested. This premium class shu (ripe) pu'er is beautiful now, and is also an excellent candidate for a further aging. Ideal for morning or afternoon tea brewing 'Gongfu Cha' style and will perfectly set you up for a harmonious day.

The traditional, medium degree of fermentation allows this tea to change over time, transforming into something deeper and woodier, leading to what in China is associated with medicinal qualities.
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