Hà Giàng, Vietnam

Pure old tea tree raw material, traditionally processed and stored for a further flavour transformation. Full of beneficial properties and organoleptic sensations this kind of tea is rich and deep with multifaceted flavour. MORE

Woody, nutty
Honey, dried fruits

150+ years old trees
VERIETY: Snow Shan


Vietnam is known as one of the oldest tea regions in the world, with a vast area of ancient tea trees spreading from northeast to northwest. Hà Giang province is located in the northeast part of Vietnam on the border with Yunnan province, China. This region is famous for its wild ancient trees grown here for hundreds and even thousands of years. The unique climate, high altitude, rich soil, and high level of humidity create an excellent environment for tea trees to grow, which gives this tea a particularly special character and taste. This is a homeland of different minorities like Vietnamese, H'Mông, Tay, Kinh, Nung, Dao, and others, who traditionally use tea leaves as medicine and take care of the tea trees.

Mao Cha translates as "rough tea" and means that this tea is unfinished and is in an intermediate stage of production. This term is used for a tea material that is ready to be steamed and pressed in case of Sheng (Raw) Pu'Er production or further fermentation process during Shu (Ripe) Pu'Er production. This type of tea is also used for blending and further storage before being pressed into 'cakes'.

*In Vietnam, this type of tea is often called "Yellow Tea" which makes it very different compared with Chinese traditional yellow tea.

The tea is made from early spring raw materials harvested from trees over 150 years old. The combination of 'bud and two leaves' guarantees a delicate and at the same time deep rich taste. Professional storage turned this raw material into a beautiful semi-aged sheng (raw) pu'er, with a taste that is ahead of its age. One of the most successful findings during our expedition to Vietnam in 2023. Tea is in limited quantities and will not be repeated.

Dry tea leaves have light woody, nutty notes. There are notes of pruned fruits and berries. The heated tea leaf continues with dried fruits, honey, and flower and herbal mix. After rinsing, the aroma opens up into more berry, wine, and woody motifs universe. The tea produces a brown infusion with amber tones. The aroma evokes associations of a bathhouse and a country house.

The taste is sweet, soft, and rich with dried fruit and honey notes. Some spices, herbs, and bakery spicy notes. Long sweet aftertaste with slightly mineral notes, causing a slight salivation. Pleasant, calm 'Cha Qi' creates a relaxed state. Real "wine" made from tea leaves. The tea will become better and more interesting over time, but it is ready to surprise and inspire even the most sophisticated tea connoisseurs.
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