Satemwa, Thyolo, Malawi, Africa

Fermented tea from a family factory in Satemwa estate, Malawi, southeastern Africa. Unique tea due to its origin, quality, and limited quantity. This hei cha is made from 50+ years old tea bushes and processed by the author's method inspired by traditional Chinese processing. A very noble representative of African fermented tea. MORE

Woody, earthy, tobacco
Woody, nutty

CULTIVAR: Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica
HARVEST: Spring, 2018


Satemwa is a family-owned estate, located in Malawi in the southern part of Africa. This place is the motherland of the first commercially grown tea in Africa since 1878. This particular tea comes from a family, who has produced tea since 1923. Knowledge passed from generation to generation, inspired by eastern tea cultures, adapted to local conditions, and refined to perfection, this tea farm offers a wide variety of different styles of high-quality teas. Tea plantations producing this unique artisanal lineup are more than 50 years old. All these plantations are 100% organic and all of the teas are handmade.

This tea is something very special. Fermented tea from Africa can sound a bit 'funny' in the context of tea, nevertheless, this tea is a worthy representative of fermented tea. I fell in love with this tea from the very first sip, therefore, I'm very glad to have an opportunity to share this fascinating work of art with you and hope you will have the same wonderful experience that I had.

As a huge connoisseur of Chinese fermented tea and a person interested in unique and rare teas from other tea-producing countries, I can assure you that this tea is a rare and excellent example of how other countries can make excellent and high-quality tea products. Harvested and processed in 2018, this tea spent 6 years in natural storage conditions, and transformed into a soft, deep, and multi-faceted taste, becoming an amazing example of African fermented tea.

Dry tea leaves have a sweet, fresh aroma with woody, earthy notes. The warmed tea leaves continue with natural, woody motifs, with notes of old wood. The rinsed tea leaf reveals soft, sweet woody motifs, including nutty, tobacco, and bakery motifs. An amazingly pure sweet and pleasant aroma that promises a wonderful tea experience.

The tea is wonderful in eastern brewing, delighting with its gradual opening and its multifaceted taste. The first infusion is a little cloudy, and you can make two rinses before you start enjoying this wonderful drink. Further brews have a clan, dark-colored infusion, with dark amber shades veering into cognac tones. The taste of the tea is mellow, sweet, and deep, with woody notes and a milky-creamy texture of the infusion. A long-lasting sweet aftertaste, with a slight oiliness in the texture. The tea pleases with its soft and deep woody character and has a calming effect.
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