Boseong, South Korea

Breakfast tea skillfully blended from 12 high-quality red teas from Boseong tea farmers. Pure Camellia Sinensis spring leaves. Very delicate, authentic taste and aroma with honey and floral notes make this tea too exquisite for a world of blended tea. MORE

Honey, berry, floral
Berry, fruity

AUTHOR: Sharyn Johnston
HARVEST: Spring, 2022


This amazing Breakfast tea is a blend of 12 high-quality red teas from Boseong tea farmers, made by Sharyn Johnston from Australian Tea Masters. Australian Tea Masters is an organisation focused on tea education and tea production. Tea blending training, sommelier training, and masterclasses about tea culture, and the tea industry make ATM one of the leading organisation and, for sure, a unique source of high-quality knowledge about tea. The other side is a private label, which offers rare single-origin teas, blended teas, and wellness blends.

This outstanding blend could surprise most experienced tea drinkers. Pure Camellia Sinensis spring leaves, gently processed with love and passion. Very delicate, but at the same time complex flavour makes this tea one of a kind.

Speaking truly, this one is the best 'Breakfast tea' I've ever tried. Complex and intensive, this tea is a great accompaniment for light desserts with floral character. Too good to be paired with food and even brewed in a Western way. I find this tea very suitable for brewing by the 'Pin Cha' method to appreciate its multilayered taste and character. I recommend you try both ways to find yours!

After hearing the story of this tea, you realize that this tea is a kind of quintessence of Korean red tea. Each cup is full of multilayered flavours skillfully blended by experienced tea masters. From the first sight, you recognize a very sweet aroma with berry and floral motifs. After warming up tea leaves aroma develops into sweet herbal and honey. After rinsing aroma opens up into baked fruits, dried apples, and cinnamon. The taste is sweet and smooth with berry and fruity motifs. Pure bakery melody, umami with a gentle touch of woody and nutty notes. Korean tea is always fragrant with a mysterious some kind of vanilla melody. Long-lasting aftertaste and buttery texture. The colour of the infusion is dark cognac with red tones. The empty cup is full of sweet cinnamon and vanilla fragrance.
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