Boseong, South Korea

Traditional green tea. Final (4th) harvest of the season. Consists of mature leaves harvested during Haji, the summer solstice. Provides a fresh, sweet taste with vegetal and nutty notes. MORE

Vegetal, nutty

Herbaceous, marine

CULTIVAR: Yabukita
HARVEST: Spring, 2023


Boseong is located in Jeollanam province and is one of the few main tea-producing regions in South Korea famous for its small tea gardens managed by small family businesses. Most farmers have a small tea garden and produce mainly green tea using old techniques like hand-rolling and pan-frying. It is considered that the first tea cultivation in South Korea started in Buddhist temples located in Jeollanam province. A lot has been changed but the love of tea stays the same even if it doesn't have a commercial response. Nowadays in this area, farmers mostly use the Japanese cultivar - Yabukita - which is very loyal to the local climate and gives a perfect sweet balanced flavour with marine, floral notes.

Being a cheaper and more accessible tea in Korea, this grade is a rougher version of the grade called Saejak. Harvested in June, and produced from older and larger leaves, this tea is the simple and popular green tea of South Korea. The large leaves were very lightly rolled and roasted to achieve a rich flavor with vegetal and herbaceous notes. This tea is made by hand in small batches and is part of the most interesting, original, and deep tea culture of Korea.

The aroma of dry tea leaves is vegetable, with nut and seed motifs. The aroma of warmed tea leaves reveals more creamy, marine notes. Rinsed tea leaves reveal seaweed as well as floral, caramel, and vegetal notes.

When brewed at 60 °C, the infusion turns out tender and sweet, which is how it is recommended to be brewed in Korea. A bright, rich, green infusion gives a soft and velvety texture to the drink. Herbaceous, sea notes are accompanied by a light tartness characteristic of green tea, followed by a long-lasting sweetness.

Despite its simplicity, its primitiveness attracts and satisfies even a sophisticated taste! We highly recommend getting to know this tea, which is a fairly rare representative of such a wide class as green tea, and we are very proud to share it with you.
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