Afternoon tea blend made from high-mountain organic teas from different parts of the world with a special hint - opened tea flowers hand-picked from Ebony estate in Sri Lanka. No additives, no flavorings, just pure Camellia Sinensis professionally blended with love and passion. Made by Sharyn Johnston from Australian Tea Masters, especially for AN SHIM TEA. MORE

"So good that it should be served and appreciated in a wine glasses."

Bakery, floral
Honey, woody

AUTHOR: Sharyn Johnston
HARVEST: Spring, 2022


In the Western world "high tea" means luxury Afternoon tea.

This amazing Afternoon tea is a blend of different high-altitude teas from different parts of the world, made by Sharyn Johnston from Australian Tea Masters. Australian Tea Masters is an organisation focused on tea education and tea production. Tea blending trainings, sommelier training, masterclasses about tea culture, and the tea industry make ATM one of the leading organisations and, for sure, a unique source of high-quality knowledge about tea. The other side is a private label, which offers rare single-origin teas, blended teas, and wellness blends.

This outstanding blend could surprise most experienced tea drinkers. Pure spring leaves + Camellia Sinensis flowers, gently processed with love and passion. Very delicate, but at the same time complex flavour makes this tea one of a kind.

This afternoon tea is surprising by its complex flavour full of sweet notes. Tea with its character and deep taste ready to inspire even advanced tea drinkers. I prefer to brew it in a Gongfu style but it is wonderful in a Western way by infusing it for a long time. Starting from the very first breath and finishing with a last sip this tea develops and plays as a symphonic orchestra. So good that it should be served and appreciated in wine glasses.

Dry tea leaves have a very pleasant sweet floral, bakery aroma with creamy notes. After warming up aroma develops into shortbread, dried apple, and vanilla. The very gentle fragrance brings associations of a bakery store. The taste is sweet and complex, with woody and honey notes and a buttery, creamy texture. Wet tea leaves have a fruity, citrus aroma with notes of jackfruit and sour apple. Long-lasting, multifaceted aftertaste full of nuances and wondering notes. Due to the high-mountain material, this tea is full of beneficial micro-elements as well and the taste is unique you can't find anywhere else. Well-balanced which can can compete with famous 'gongfu' red teas from China. Hope you will enjoy this beautiful tea made with love and passion by one of the best tea blenders of all time.

This tea can be perfectly brewed in a porcelain or glass teapot and served in the same material teacups. This tea has a beautiful sweet floral fragrance perfect for serving in a champagne glass and combined with light desserts.
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