Fuding, Fujian, China

Classic white tea made from spring raw material and aged for 10 years to develop a deep and multifaceted aroma and taste. Exceptional tea with calming 'Cha Qi' and beneficial properties. MORE

When properly stored, this tea gets better with time!

357 g cake

Floral, honey
Creamy, woody, nutty

VARIETAL: Fuding Da Bai
HARVEST: Spring, 2014


"I am convinced that most experienced specialty tea lovers will find a place for old white tea in their TOP 10. For me, old white tea has always been in the TOP 5 of all time. In China, 'Lao Bai Cha' (Old White Tea) is considered a traditional medicine and is credited with healing properties. I agree, there is something inexplicable about its taste, aroma, and effect. I once had the opportunity to taste a white tea that was about 40 years old, and it was one of the most amazing tea experiences I have ever had. Powerful Cha Qi, sedative effect, deep taste with a very long aftertaste. This is the kind of tea you want to drink more often. Unfortunately, such tea is very expensive and very hard to find."

Fuding is a small town in the northeast of Fujian province, China. This place is considered the birthplace of white tea. The Nanguang Tea Garden is located west of Taimu Mountain, about 40 km south of the city of Fuding. An elevation is 600 to 900 meters. High altitude, unique climate, and chemistry of soil make the perfect conditions for growing the highest quality tea.

The Joy Mood Tea factory is famous for its exceptional quality and has great authority among connoisseurs of this tea. Tea is made from very high-quality early spring raw material and aged for 10 years under conditions that have developed the taste and aroma into something unique and rare.

Dry tea leaves have a strong, bright, sweet aroma with notes of vanilla and honey. Once warmed, the honey and flowers intensify, transforming into a bakery universe. After rinsing, the aroma develops into delicate and soft fruity notes. During the tea session, the aroma changes into woody, nutty motifs.

The taste is bright, deep, and multifaceted. Very sweet and long-lasting aftertaste with fruity nuances. It's like a wine made from tea leaves. Sweet nutty, woody notes evoke associations of a sauna and a birch broom. The colour of the infusion is honey. In an empty bowl, there is vanilla and powdered sugar.

I highly recommend starting to brew this tea with a lower water temperature and gradually raising the temperature. Tea will withstand a large number of brews and will delight you with its symphony, as well as calm and relaxing 'Cha Qi'. A great choice for an evening tea session!
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