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ZHUAN CHA "7581"


Pu'Er, Yunnan, China

A legendary recipe from one of the oldest and most respected pu'er factories in China - Kunming tea factory, also known as China Tea Company. This collection pu'er is made since 1973 and was the most sold pu'er recipe for more than 20 years. This is the shu pu'er standard of taste. A perfect blend made from high-quality tea leaf material and processed in a traditional old way. This tea has a sweet, deep taste with notes of wood, tobacco, and nuts.

When properly stored, this tea gets better with time!

Wood, tobacco
Woody, nutty

HARVEST: Spring, 2014

SHU PU'ER BRICK 7581 2015

Kunming tea factory, also known as China Tea Company, was established in 1939 and is considered the oldest pu'er tea factory in China. This is the place where shu pu'er technology was born, therefore, they make one of the most perfect shu blends in its recent history. I'm very glad to present you with this unique original tea. Made from high-quality spring raw material harvested in the Lancang River basin, dried in the sun, and fermented under the supervision of professional technologists, this tea is a standard in the shu pu'er lovers' circles. This is an original piece bought directly from the factory. Each brick has its own serial number and all necessary stamps of quality, as well as proof of organic production.

7581 means, that this recipe was created in 1975, made from the 8th grade (large) tea leaves in factory #1 (indicating the factory, in this case, Kunming).

This amazing tea is made from large leaves that guarantee a complex and deep taste. Pressing is quite hard but quite easy to break apart. The dry leaves have a gentle woody and chocolate-like aroma. The rinsed leaves develop notes of tobacco and bread. The taste is sweet and deep, with notes of wood, nuts, and cacao beans. Silky texture and long-lasting aftertaste.
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