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Tây Côn Lĩnh, Hà Giàng, Vietnam

Sun-dried red tea made from spring tea leaves harvested from 500+ years old tree high in a Tây Côn Lĩnh mountains, Hà Giàng province, Vietnam. High-quality raw material and careful traditional processing make this tea a a great example of 'ancient red tea' from Vietnam.

When properly stored, this tea gets better with time!

Cacao, nutty
Woody, chocolate

ALTITUDE: 1200+ m
HARVEST: Spring, 2023


Vietnam is known as one of the oldest tea regions in the world, with a vast area of ancient tea trees spreading from northeast to northwest. Hà Giang province is located in the northeast part of Vietnam on the border with Yunnan province, China. This region is famous for its wild ancient trees grown here for hundreds and even thousands of years. Unique climate, high altitude, rich soil and high level of humidity create an excellent environment for tea trees to grow, what give this tea a particularly special character and taste. This is a homeland of different minorities like Vietnamese, H'Mông, Tay, Kinh, Nung, Dao and others, who traditionally use tea leaves as a medicine and take care about the tea trees.

Made from high quality spring raw material harvested from 500+ years old tea trees. Harvested by H'Mong minority high in a mountain at altitude about 1200 meters and processed by experienced tea master, this tea represents traditional red tea with a special aroma, taste and energy.

120/80 was our very first project with AN TRÀ and Vietnamese Tea Association back in 2018, when we traveled to Hà Giang province to discover 'ancient tea'. The idea is very simple - 120/80 is an ideal blood pressure for human body, with much lower risk of heart disease. This tea, made from organic material, should bring unique organoleptic experience as well as beneficial properties for tea drinker’s health. By naming this way, we would like to pay special attention to a beneficial property of a tea leaf.

We decided to press it into 200g cakes four easier and longer storage because this kind of tea only gets better with time!

Dry tea leaves have a gentle and light cacao fragrance. Right after warming aroma develop into clear chocolate, woody notes. The taste is smooth and sweet, with chocolate, woody, nutty notes and have a long-lasting sweet aftertaste.

This tea can be brewed by Gongfu style of simple infused in a hot water for minutes to get a deep and bold taste. This tea perfectly brewed in a Yixing clay and appreciated in a porcelain cup to enjoy aroma and colour of the infusion. This tea can perfectly accompany chocolate-based deserts as well as more sophisticated bread-cheese-veggie combinations.

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