Ba Trang, Vietnam

This teapot is made of the local red clay. The variety of this clay has similar characteristics to Yixing clay - it holds heat well and very well changes through time. Such clay is very suitable for dark ones, such as highly fermented wulong, red and black tea.

Classic shape called "PUMPKIN".

The pottery artist who made this teapot, is one of the few who make handmade teapots for the Gongfu tea ceremony in Vietnam. For several years we have been following the development of this talented master and are happy to share his creations with you.

Perfectly fitting lid gives a full vacuum and a perfect stream. The teapot has the shape of a pumpkin, with its various elements. Such a teapot has a collection value. Perfect for Gongfu Cha tea ceremony.

ARTIST: Master Quynh

Capacity: ~100 ml