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Dear friends,
We are pleased to announce an autumn express course of our Tea School’s program called "The Art of Tea", which will begin on the September 3rd, 2023! Classes are going to be held twice a week at a convenient time for you!

Twice a year we arrange an express course consisting of 10 unique classes to give a complete idea about tea, high tea culture and tea industry. The autumn course is always special, which is primarily because we have a lot of fresh tea harvest. For years, we have been striving to immerse participants in the culture of the East with love and passion, trying to cultivate in our students a sense of beauty. We have been improving our program for more than 6 years in order to fit in the maximum of the most necessary information, offering the students extensive tea knowledge. We will be happy to show you an amazing world of ancient traditions.

In our classes, we cover topics such as:

● History and philosophy of tea
● Tea culture of China and other countries
● Classification
● Cultivation, harvesting, and production
● Quality assessment
● Brewing methods
● Chinese tea ceremony
● Teaware
● Tea Tasting basics
● Tea Pairing basics

FULL PRICE is 400 EUR (40x10 clases)!


28.01.2024, 12:00
Riga, Latvia

You can apply for participation here by paying the reservation deposit.*
After reservation, we will contact you for more information!
*This deposit amount is non-refundable!

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You can have an individual (private) tea course at a convenient time for you, OR you can purchase an
10 INDIVIDUAL LESSONS for yourself or as a gift for someone you want to make a special gift with -10% DISCOUNT!

*This amount is NON-REFUNDABLE but can be exchanged for any services for the equal price offered by AN SHIM TEA!


• history and philosophy of tea
The study of tea as a cultural phenomenon and a drink of health and longevity must begin with the history and geography of how this product has spread. In our classes, we explore in detail how tea became the number one drink in the world, as well as what were the main ideas and philosophies that accompanied the product made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. This is an amazing journey from ancient traditions to modern trends that will not leave anyone indifferent and will make you look at tea from a completely new angle. This is a perfect start to your tea journey and we will be happy to help you take the first steps in the right direction.

• tea culture of China and other countries
In our classes, we analyse China as the birthplace of tea and tea culture. Apart from China, we also deal with Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, and Nepalese tea. Throughout the course, we analyse the various cultural aspects of the eastern countries, which in one way or another shaped tea culture. We cover topics such as the characteristics of growing, producing, and consumption of tea in different countries in order to have a deeper understanding of this topic.

• classification
One of the main charms of tea is its variety. Depending on the processing methods of the tea leaf, there are seven main types of tea - green, white, yellow, wulong, red, dark, and pu'er. In our classes, we dive into each of these topics as deeply as possible and using the example of classic teas of the highest quality, we analyse all the features and nuances. Each class is accompanied by tastings of different teas in order to give a broader understanding of tea. We also teach how to brew and evaluate this product correctly.

• quality control
Today, there is a huge amount of low-quality products, presented as something special. Marketing develops, while the quality of the product falls, and with it, the competence of the consumer in its evaluation also lowers. Our goal is to show people a noble product and educate the consumer who will understand high-quality tea. Our author's program is aimed at the development of taste, as well as the sensations of one's feelings and states. All this is accompanied by tastings of tea grown in organic conditions, harvested and produced entirely by hands. 100% natural product with no additives or scents! We will try competition and collection teas from different countries, as well as aged tea, which is more than 10-20-30 years old!

• brewing methods
In different countries, tea is brewed in different ways, under different conditions, and for different reasons. We analyse all sorts of approaches to brewing tea, from the traditional Chinese tea ceremony to the modern restaurant serving. Our goal is to teach participants to feel tea and understand the mechanism of its brewing. All this will help you to understand the main principles and teach you how to prepare an exquisite drink in any condition. Each lesson is accompanied by a practice where all participants will try themselves in the role of a tea master.

• teaware
In each lesson, participants interact with professional teaware, which allows them to understand the processes of brewing and serving tea. In the classroom, tactile sensations, accuracy, and attentiveness are developed, which lets us focus and relax. This is real therapy, the effectiveness of which you can feel already during the first lesson. The history of the most famous types of teaware will also help to dive deeper into the world of high tea culture.

• the basics of tea tasting
Tea tasting is a process in which a trained taster determines the quality of a particular tea. Due to climatic conditions, topography, the manufacturing process, and the different varieties of the Camellia Sinensis plant, the end product can have vastly different tastes and appearances. We will dedicate a whole lesson to developing tea taster skills and teach you how to analyse the taste and aroma of tea in detail.

• basics of tea gastronomy
Tea gastronomy is a relatively young but very promising direction in the tea industry. It is aimed at popularising high-quality tea in the restaurant industry, where tea goes well with various kinds of dishes and drinks. We will cover the basics and main principles that will allow you to create interesting combinations of tea and food.

• second level
At the end of the course, participants receive a certificate of completion, and also have the opportunity to continue their studies in a more free mode at a reduced price. The "second level" of our tea school offers a deeper immersion in certain topics, intending to deepen the understanding of a particular tea culture or a particular type of tea. As a rule, we recommend devoting several classes to such topics as - Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Nepalese, and Thailand's tea cultures, where we will introduce them to the best teas and describe the features of these tea regions. Then there is a huge list of topics that need more in-depth study. These are Wuyishan and Guangdong wulongs, competition teas from Taiwan, a separate cycle dedicated to Pu'Er tea, and much more.

• frequently asked Questions
● Classes are held in small groups in our degustation room in the centre of Riga. A bright, spacious room equipped with everything necessary for a deep immersion in tea culture.
● Classes are held in three languages: Russian, Latvian and English. The approach is always individual, and all participants equally receive the necessary knowledge.
● Each lesson lasts about 2-3 hours, where the first half is the theory, and the second is practice.
● The first lesson will take place on 28/01/2024 at 12:00 pm, at which the subsequent schedule will be decided so that it is convenient for all course participants. (Usually, the classes are held twice a week, on weekdays around 17-18:00, or weekends, in the first half of the day.)
● The cost of the full course is 400 euros. Payment is made in the amount of 40 euros, during each lesson. You can get -10% DISCOUNT if you will pay for the whole course!
● If you wish to participate, we ask you to make an advance payment for the first lesson - 40 euros, by bank transfer. When paying, you must specify the Name, Surname, phone number, and email address! We will add you to the list of participants and send all the necessary information to your email! (When paying, specify the delivery method - 'Worldwide' - in this case, the delivery fee will not be charged! )
● A similar course is held twice a year, in spring and autumn. Private lessons are available all year round, at times and locations that suit you. Prices and conditions you can find on our website or by writing to us by e-mail.
These classes are equally suitable for both beginners and experienced connoisseurs of high-quality tea. There are no limitations when it comes to tea, and each meeting with like-minded people only increases the level of “tea awareness”.
Andrei Ivanov, founder and tea master of An Shim Tea


"THE ART OF TEA" creator and host is

AN SHIM TEA founder and tea master Andrei Ivanov

· tea blender
· tea taster

· a member of the International Tea School Chaism.Pro

· a three-time participant of a Tea Masters Cup International

· TMC 2016 International "Best Visual Appearance" in Seoul, South Korea

· TMC 2017 International "Gold medalist" in Enshi, China

· TMC 2017 International 2x "Silver medalist" in Enshi, China

· a certified international judge of the Tea Masters Cup since 2018

· an official representative of Vietnamese tea culture in Europe

· main tea taster and co-owner at IZPODNEBESNOJ

· tea taster and and co-creator of AN TRA

· a consultant of Minh Lam company.

Main occupation is a tea education and promoting high tea culture principles. About 10 years Andrei travel to tea places, discover new teas, explore tea culture and educate people about tea industry. Andrei hold different kinds of tea events in Europe and East Asia to help people deeply understand tea and find themselves through it.