Menghai, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China


When properly stored, this tea gets better with time!

500 g

Woody, earthy
Woody, nutty

HARVEST: Early 1980's


This tea is another pearl of our collection, which spent several years awaiting a decision whether to be kept for personal use or put up for sale. The fact is that we have this tea in very limited quantity and without the opportunity to buy more later. Moreover, it was not easy for us to get it, because there is always a huge demand and competition for such tea among connoisseurs of old tea. But the decision has been made, we are happy to share this amazing tea for the benefit of everyone. Let it expand your horizons and bring many bright moments.

The history of this tea begins in the early 2000's, when my colleague’s partner purchased a batch of this tea at the Hong Kong Auction, as tea which, at that time, was already two decades old! The tea was made according to all the traditions of Shu (Ripe) Pu'Er, from large leaves, harvested from old trees in Menghai County and undergoing a medium degree of fermentation for further transformations during storage.

The degree of pressing is average, the tea is easily separated into separate layers of leaves. Judging by the surface of the brick, it is clear that the tea has undergone intensive Traditional Hong Kong Storage, followed by further natural storage. Traces of moisture are visible on the surface, an absolutely normal phenomenon in Hong Kong, where tea masters artificially accelerate the aging process of tea by increasing moisture in storage rooms. As a result of its success, it does not affect the taste of the tea in a negative way, and certainly does not harm our health. You have the right to do two rinses, if it makes you feel better, this will not affect the brewing process in any way, the tea will give you a large number of wonderful infusions.

Dry tea leaves have a sweet, woody, nutty aroma, so familiar to connoisseurs of Pu'Er tea and Hong Kong storage! After heating in a warmed teapot, the aroma changes into warm, dry woody motifs with a note of time inherent in old tea! After rinsing, the aroma reveals itself into seeds, nutty, bakery notes, while at the same time retaining the spirit of the time, the aroma of old things. Deep and rich aroma portends a deep and interesting tea experience. As it unfolds, the aroma becomes more and more rooted in Chinese traditional medicine.

The taste is mellow, sweet, deep, with woody, nutty notes. During the brewing process, it reveals more and more aromatic woody motifs. The drink's silky, buttery texture leaves a pleasant, long, sweet, woody aftertaste with some spicy on the front of the tongue. The infusion is dark amber in color, clean and thick. The tea has a very calm and soothing 'Cha Qi', making this tea an excellent choice for an evening deep dive. Without a hint of the production process or storage conditions, the purest taste of the woody universe. In the second half of the tea session, tea reveals itself in Chinese traditional medicine notes, so valued in China by connoisseurs of old tea.

An amazing and rare experience that cannot be described in words!
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