Dear friends, it's been two years since our last Pu'Er Tea Masterclass happened in Riga. Pu'Er is becoming more popular nowadays, new trends, new philosophy, everything changes and it's time to treat yourself with a masterclass which will help you to understand this tea more professionally and to try most authentic examples.

During all these years we've been speaking about the opportunity to learn more about this difficult/deep topic. Welcome to our first level Pu'Er Masterclass which consists of four classes where we will speak about culture, philosophy and ageing. This is the beginning of series of events where we will explore fabrics, famous recipes, collection and award-winning teas. But firstly we need to learn the basics! For those of you, who will attend this four-class event will have a special price for the rest of the course! We have a special price for those of you who attended our "The Art of Tea" tea school and want to continue their education! Please, contact us for more info!

We are about to build a strong community who are serious about Pu'Er Tea and want to be educated in this theme!

29.11 - History, Philosophy and Natural storage
1.12 - Traditional Hong Kong Storage
6.12 - Artificial Ageing, Hei Cha, Shu Pu'Er
8.12 - Old Tea Culture

All these topics are very important for understanding, that's why we insists on visiting all of them and make -20% DISCOUNT for the whole (four-class) course!

Seats are limited!

RIGA/LATVIA - 29.11.2023 - 18:00 - "Basics and Natural Storage" PU"ER #1 MASTERCLASS REGISTRATION
RIGA/LATVIA - 1.12.2023 - 18:00 - "Hong Kong Storage" PU"ER #2 MASTERCLASS REGISTRATION
RIGA/LATVIA - 6.12.2023 - 18:00 - "Artificial Ageing" PU"ER #3 MASTERCLASS REGISTRATION
RIGA/LATVIA - 8.12.2023 - 18:00 - "Old Tea Tasting" PU"ER #4 MASTERCLASS REGISTRATION