15.09.2023, we will open our long-awaited exhibition, where will educate people about tea culture through photos and art! Another try to attract people's attention, another project I'm very excited about!

INFINITE TEA is a collaboration between AN SHIM TEA and Jekaterina Bai (Asian Art and Wisdom) - @lidojosa_ota - and the result of our long and close friendship! We want to pay tribute to this beautiful drink and show how deep the roots it has in Asian culture.

We will try to tell a story of a tea leaf through photos and guide visitors into the world of tea production and consumption. Harvesting, processing, tea ceremony, teaware, tea people and more. Each photo will have a short story and QR code which will link to a more detailed article about each theme! I will use my photos from my travels as well as photos by Oleksandra Glavatska @alex_glavatska and Roman Agafonov @agafucka made for

We will have a video projection with our videos made by Ritvars Bluka @ritvars_bluka and Aleksandra Volk @poshkapo to show the beauty of a tea ceremony.

Everything will take place in a gallery of a China Cultural Center Riga - @ccc_riga

Feel free to follow everyone and join us virtually as well as by visiting the gallery by appointment!

This exhibition will last two months and we welcome everyone to visit this one-of-a-kind event!