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Dear friends,

we are very excited to introduce to you our new product "ANDREI'S HIGH TEA". This tea is a very special author's blend made by our very close friend Sharyn Johnston from Australian Tea Masters. Made from high-mountain organic teas from different parts of the world with a special hint - opened tea flowers hand picked from Ebony estate in Sri Lanka. No additives, no flavorings, just pure Camellia Sinensis professionally blended with love and passion. This tea is a first step for creating our own 'UNIQUE SELECTION' of tea can't find anywhere else which starts a new chapter for our tea project towards our goals and dreams.

Australian Tea Masters is an organisation focused on a tea education and tea production. Tea blending trainings, sommelier trainings, masterclasses about tea culture and tea industry makes ATM one of a leading organisation and, for sure, unique source of a high-quality knowledge about tea. The other side, is a private label, which offers rare single origin teas, blended teas and wellness blends.

BTW, in the western world “high tea” means luxury afternoon tea. So good that it's worth to try it in a different way to appreciate it from different angles.

We hope this tea will bring you a lot pleasure and good inspiration.


More products made by Sharyn Johnston we are proud to have in our collection! We recommend you to follow this wonderful lady and her work for more inspiration and knowledge! LOVE!