Feng Huang "Phenix Mountain" Dan Cong "Single Bush" got its name from the place where it comes from and the type of raw material used in the production of this tea. Most of the best representatives of Phoenix wulongs are made from tea trees grown at a distance from each other which guarantees rich soil that affects the quality and taste of the tea. There are eight main cultivars used for Feng Huang Dan Cong production. Each of them has its unique flavour. It is considered as highest quality tea, produced in early spring from an old tea bush grown high in Wu Dong mountain.

This tea is so unique, so we can put it in a separate category/level among wulong teas. It is considered that the most valuable is tea harvested from semi-wild/wild old tea trees that have powerful 'Cha Qi' and strong fragrance. This tea should be appreciated slowly, and carefully with great attention paid to the aroma. We highly recommend using tea pairs to appreciate this tea, as well as using high-quality water, preferably boiled over the fire! When properly stored, such tea becomes softer, deeper, and more interesting over time and becomes the same expensive as Pu'Er tea.

Welcome to our collection of exquisite teas harvested from semi-wild/wild 60-400 years old tea trees, grown on Wu Dong Mountain. The trees grow in a relatively wild environment, at a distance from each other, which guarantees soil rich in micro-elements, which is reflected in the high quality and beneficial properties. The Shui Xiang tea bush variety is one of the most popular in China for the production of high-quality Guangdong and Wuyishan wulongs. This tea was produced in a small family production by an 80-year-old master with extensive experience and has been impressing us with his first-class teas for many years. This particular Dan Cong is a medium-heated wulong and has a very subtle, delicate aroma and taste.