Chinese jasmine tea was first released over 1000 years ago during the Song Dynasty in China (960-1279). The tea was made from jasmine, which was originally imported to China in 220. Today, China is famous for producing the finest jasmine tea blends, and is widely regarded as the best jasmine tea in the world.

To make jasmine tea, Chinese farmers simply mixed jasmine flower and leaves from traditional tea bushes. The process of collecting the components for jasmine tea is very specific and requires flowers that must have closed buds. They are even collected at night. Then, the flowers are placed in tea. Once the tea leaves are placed in the mixture, the jasmine flowers open, releasing their aroma into the surrounding tea leaves. This procedure is sometimes carried out several times to release the maximum amount of jasmine aroma into the tea leaves.

For many years, jasmine tea was used in northern China as a ritual welcome drink. It has played an important role throughout the region's history and is now seen as a welcoming gesture to visitors to the home.

Jasmine is a versatile flower and can be mixed with any type of tea leaves. It is usually mixed with green tea, although white teas and oolong teas are also combined with jasmine. There is also black jasmine tea, although it is very rare as it is produced for seasoned tea lovers due to its specific taste. Ultimately, each type of jasmine tea has its own unique aroma.

The taste of jasmine tea is best described as "fresh", especially in green tea blends. The combination of jasmine aromas and tightly rolled green tea leaves makes its taste refreshing and natural. Vivid examples are the Jasmine Dragon Pearl and Jasmine Snail teas.

The brewing process is critical to the future taste if you really want a good jasmine tea. If tea leaves are left in water for a long time, the tea will instantly become bitter, and quick brewing may leave you indifferent to the tea. And in general, you will like Maliandao tea.

Jasmine tea, like other types of tea, is also prized for its health benefits. Green and white jasmine teas are rich in antioxidants, which are used to fight free radicals in the body. Researchers have even proven that green and white tea diets can reduce the risk of cancer and lower high cholesterol.
Jasmine tea is delicious, aromatic and rich in history.