I would like to pay tribute to people I deeply respect and am thankful for!
These people dedicated their lives to tea and tea culture and did a lot to develop the tea industry. There are always a lot of people who stay behind the scenes and I would like to let you know them so you could follow their steps and find a lot of important and interesting information.


Nowadays there are a lot of projects dedicated to tea farmers and tea masters who produce tea. It's a huge step towards conscious consumption of tea as a product and lets people understand more deeply how the tea was produced and the culture behind it. But the tea industry is much bigger than that and still, there are a huge amount of different professions and people doing their job to make tea more and more popular. I'm lucky enough to know personally a lot of these big professionals and would love to share their jobs with you so you can enjoy your tea journey more productive.

Denis Shumakov

is one of those people, who always was a big inspiration for me. Knowledge repository about tea and tea culture with a unique perspective and opinion on what is happening in the tea world. Since 1991 ...
Denis Shumakov (
A tea master, and promoter of tea in Russia.

Since 1995, he has been the author and curator of tea and wine projects, and regularly reviews wine and tea in the media:,,

Co-founder of the Tea School-Studio of Sergey Khorolsky and Denis Shumakov (Moscow), consultant (Tea & Wine) at the U Pokrovka guest house (Pskov).

From 2015 to 2018, he broadcast and filled with interesting content on the YouTube channel "Denis Shumakov" (1.58 thousand subscribers). He maintains an account on Facebook