Five Tea Criteria by An Shim Tea. Visual appearance of a tea leaf, aroma, taste, colour of the infusion and tea state.


Tea is a drink which helps people to live a long and healthy life. Good tea has a wide range of various components which are beneficial for those who care about their health and well-being.
Tea culture represents knowledge which has been collected by people over a thousand years. The tea ceremony is a crucial aspect of the tea culture and a magnificent way to keep your emotions in balance and your mind at ease from daily stresses.

There are 5 key aspects involved in a tea ceremony:

Good tea is always visually appealing. That's why it is essential to enjoy the look of the tea leaves at the beginning of the process.

High-quality tea leaves have a fresh aroma. It's traditionally common to enjoy the aroma during the experience starting from the fragrance of dry tea leaves to the smell of the prepared drink.

Every natural tea has an original and unique colour of liqueur. It should always be clear and change its colour during the process.

It's easy to distinguish a good tea from a low-quality one, according to its deep taste in the moment of drinking and afterwards. The taste of the drink changes during the process which allows you to appreciate the complexity of the drink.

CHA QI (Tea Energy)
One of the major features of tea is its ability to bring peace and harmony to our minds. This state is induced by the tea ceremony and encourages people to feel more relaxed and open-minded. That's why, a tea ceremony tends to be a social activity and can be defined as a perfect way to spend time with your friends and meet new people.