CHAISM.PRO International Tea School

• 15 years of experience
• 5 times world champions
• multiple international projects
• academic educational programs for different purposes
•special practical educational classes in tea-producing countries is striving for perfection, getting and sharing the knowledge about tea from its ancient times till nowadays; we provide innovative leadership, studying the tradition, and implementing the obtained experience. Sharing our knowledge and skills with people is our main goal, we are participating in international conferences and other events to give lectures and hold master classes. We successfully perform in established tea houses and tea culture centers around the world, providing full support from training and education for staff to creating a tea card, interior design, and tea supply arrangement.

We also have a great experience in tea tasting and tea tasting education, proved by many rewards. We are the acting 5 times world champions, our students and representatives win national and international competitions in Tea Brewing, Tea Tasting, and Tea Pairing nominations. Most of our students are successfully performing as well-known judges and tea experts, owners of businesses associated with promoting tea culture around the world.

We permanently hold educational specialized courses in tea-producing countries, letting our students dive into the world of tea growing and producing, watch the processing methods, and participate in it. It is a rare and valuable experience, allowing us to understand the tea world from the inside, and reach out to its very roots. We also investigate the local tea ceremonies and traditions in the place of their origin. The courses are held in China, Korea, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Turkey, Georgia and Kenya.