Welcome to AN SHIM TEA, the place where traditions and innovations combine into a High Tea Culture. We are focused on a popularization of the highest quality tea and tea education. We source tea straight from producers, provide educational courses and hold different kind of tea events. About 7 years we are focused on a providing high quality services, making one of the best teas in a world available for everyone.

To educate people and create a new level of tea services, giving people an opportunity to plunge into the world of High Tea Culture.

Tea made from ancient tea trees, Aged tea, Classics and Competition teas.


Almost all the tea in our collection are ORGANIC and comes strictly from tea producers. Production of tea is almost the meaning of their life, a lifework they have dedicated themselves to. These people cultivate, harvest and produce tea with devotion using old family recipes for generations. The mastery, developed over hundreds of years reflects in the appearance, aroma, taste, color of infusion, as well as the wonderful state this drink gives.

In AN SHIM TEA Collection, you will find authentic classical Chinese teas with hundreds years of history, as well as aged, collection, competition and others unique teas you won't find anywhere else. In addition to China, you will find highest quality teas from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Africa, Georgia and Russia.


Founded by Andrei Ivanov, a member of the International Tea School Chaism.Pro, a three-time participant of a Tea Masters Cup International and the TMC 2017 International champion in Enshi, China. A certified international judge of the Tea Masters Cup since 2018 and the official representative of Vietnamese and Korean tea cultures in Europe. Main tea taster and co-owner at IZPODNEBESNOJ. Consultant of a Minh Lam Trà.


We provide a wide range of services like holding traditional tea ceremonies, author's projects like TEA THERAPY and TEA SHOW, as well as a TEA GASTRONOMY, TEA AND CINEMA EVENINGS, TEA DEGUSTATIONS and TEA TOURS to the tea growing countries.

We teach and provide necessary equipment, consult and help to start providing similar services.

Tea Events by AN SHIM TEA
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