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Lincang, Yunnan, China

Aged white tea from the Lincang area. Made from spring harvest and traditionally processed and stone-pressed into 200 g cakes. Due to the special withering peculiarities, these tea leaves are a little bit oxidized compared to common white teas and give a strong, rich, deep infusion.

When properly stored, this tea gets better with time!

Wood, milky, bakery.
Honey, woody, nutty.

Cultivar: Qun Ti Zhong
HARVEST: Spring, 2017


This kind of white tea is very typical of Yunnan province. Due to the special cultivar 'Qun Ti Zhong' and withering technique these tea leaves are more oxidised than common white teas and give strong, rich, deep infusion and have great ageing potential. This white tea gives a completely different experience compared with other white teas.

Beautiful hand-plucked combination of a "one bud and two leaves", which guarantee sweet, gentle, smooth and at the same time deep and rich taste. Carefully pressed using a traditional stone method allows to save the integrity of a tea leaf. Next thing is the colour of the tea leaves, which is much darker than any white tea. The reason is prolonged withering time, which lets the tea master control the oxidation process and let tea leaves reach needed oxidation level.

These dry tea leaves have an aroma with woody, flowery notes. Despite the simplicity of this tea, I prefer to brew it by Pin Cha method, to appreciate all aspects of this tea. After keeping the tea leaves in a warmed teapot for a while, tea wakes up and the aroma gets more obvious and stronger with some milk and honey nuances. After rinsing, tea leaves start to open up new shades of this noble fragrance. Woody notes bring associations of a wood village house, sauna, birch broom, wildflowers and herbs.

The colour of an infusion is clear, transparent with an amber tone. More time you keep the infusion, the darker colour you will get. The taste is sweet, complex and deep with bakery, chocolate, nutty and woody notes. Very strong long-lasting aftertaste. Some warm milky and creme notes. Those who will try this tea for the first time will be surprised by the deep, complex taste which will bring associations of a red (black) tea. This is a completely different story and will diversify your white tea experience.
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