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Shizuoka, Tuba, Honshu, Japan

This Japanese green tea is made from the highest quality spring tea leaves and is famous for its sweet and delicate 'Umami' flavour. Made from Yabukita and Okumidori cultivars blended by a skilled tea master, this Gyokuro is quite special. One of the most unique teas on the planet that definitely deserves special attention.

This is the so-called Shincha ("New tea" or First harvest), which is appreciated for its soft and special taste.

Grassy, seaweed
Umami, baked seeds

CULTIVAR: Saemidori
HARVEST: Spring, 2023


Exquisite green tea from Japan, which is considered one of the most unique and refined teas in the world. Due to a special growing, harvesting method, and production process, this tea has a unique flavour that cannot be found in any other green tea. This tea is made from the highest quality spring harvest. Approximately three weeks before plucking, tea bushes are shaded from the sunrays, which reduces the content of alkaloids (theine) in the tea leaf and increases the content of amino acids (theanine), which has a tonic effect on the human body. Carefully hand-plucked, steamed, and traditionally processed, this tea has an intense and rich aroma and taste. This one is made from a special blend of two cultivars, Yabukita and Okumidori, which makes this Gyokuro quite unique.

The beautiful glossy whole leaf material looks quite accurate due to the fact that most Japanese teas are broken after a long and complex production process. The aroma of a dry tea leaf is gentle and sweet with grassy and creamy notes. The main note this tea is famous for is 'Umami' - a savoury taste of high-protein substances, considered to be an independent, fifth taste in China, Japan, and other countries of the Far East. The taste is intense and complex. Sweet and creamy, deep and tender with a little bit of bitterness. Full-bodied tea with a long-lasting sweet aftertaste and some menthol sensation.

Japanese prefer to brew these kinds of teas quite strong and powerful, enjoying a deep complex taste. I prefer to brew them lighter to enjoy a sweet and tasty drink. I recommend you try using 70 °C water and infusing tea for about 30-45 seconds each time. You will get a more gentle and sweet drink with enough multifaceted taste to enjoy.

This tea is a great aperitif before a meal, a great alternative to wine. It can be brewed with classic or cold-brewing methods. In the second case, tea can be infused with cold water for 1.5-3 hours. The infusion is light, tender, and rich. Its sweet taste and 'Umami' note pair perfectly with light salads, Hiashi Wakame (seaweed), broccoli, green peas, cucumber, and rice. You can experiment with different savoury or sweet food to find your own perfect combination. Due to a complex, intense taste, this tea can fit a lot of different things. You can also add this tea to a sauce, vinegar, or oil and leave it for some time to exchange the flavours.

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